Date: 14th November 2000

Madonna To Play In Brixton Pub

Fans unable to snatch a ticket for MADONNA's Brixton Academy, London, gig this month (28NOV00) can console themselves with the next best thing - only five minutes up the road.

Enterprising promoters at THE ROBIN HOOD AND LITTLE JOHN pub, Flaxman Road, are hosting a Madonna tribute act on the same night. Landlady MARTINA DOOLEY has lined up the entertainment as a sure fire way of cashing in on the MATERIAL GIRL hype, which will hit the London suburb on the night.

Irish Martina explains, "The idea started off as a joke when I heard that Madonna was a GUINNESS-lover. I told a friend we should get her down here for a pint and a song. "When I found out she was doing a show just up the road I thought it would be a great idea to get a Madonna tribute singer in on the same night. "So now the door's open to any fans that can't get in but are still up for a laugh. She's promised to do all the classics - and they can even have a drink with her after the show."

And local shopkeeper SANJIT KUMAR says, "To be honest, there's always a mass of people about whoever is playing, but if Madonna is there it's going to be ridiculous. "But this time I'll be able to direct them just up the road and hopefully that will placate them. "I'm a regular in the pub myself and if this girl's any good I might shut up shop early and have a look myself!" (JM/WN/CPT)

Source: WENN



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