Date: 13th November 2000

Newspaper Website Broke TV's Biggest Election Story

Television networks and cable channels apparently have an enterprising Internet site to thank for calling attention to the confusing Florida "butterfly" ballot Tuesday night. In a posting to the Online-News newsgroup, Bonnie Gross, executive producer of, the Web site of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, said that it originally ran a print story about the matter, filed by one of the newspaper's reporters Tuesday afternoon, "back when it was a minor, local issue." But in the early hours of Wednesday, Gross said, "we were able to write a new headline on our site that we believe made us the first in the nation to report: "Palm Beach ballot issue could be key to Presidential vote." The Web site posted a photo of the disputed ballot, which was soon picked up by other national media, according to Gross.

Source: Studio Briefing