Date: 12th November 2000

Schwarzenegger Almost Terminated By His Own Stunts

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER was almost a goner after a stunt went wrong on the set of new movie THE 6TH DAY.

Arnie plays a cloned helicopter pilot - who hides from his pursuers in a tank of water - in the futuristic thriller. But the scene became a huge ordeal for the 53-year-old star, who performs his own stunts.

Arnie says, "The scene should have been a piece of cake. I scuba dive and am an excellent swimmer. We'd rehearsed the scene with me wearing goggles and an air tank. It was so simple. "But when they turned on all the lights for the cameras, the water became murkier than I realised, and I became totally disorientated." This is not the star's first real-life brush with death - he had another lucky escape on the set of 1994 hit TRUE LIES. He was riding a horse on a rooftop when the animal was startled by a cameraman - and almost threw the actor 60ft to his death.

But the TERMINATOR tough guy isn't bothered by his narrow escapes, saying, "
I'm doing as much of my own stunt work as possible for this one, too, so you can see I'm not frightened by what happened."


Source: WENN