Date: 12th November 2000

Aniston's Baby Worries

FRIENDS star JENNIFER ANISTON's famous diets may have cost her the chance to conceive, according to American tabloid THE STAR.

The actress, 31, who wed BRAD PITT this summer (00), was keen to start a family next year (01) - but has been told she might not be able to have any kids after discovering she has an endocrine imbalance, believed to be due to excessive dieting. A close pal reveals, "Jen was experiencing severe migraines and chest pains for months before her marriage so she went for a battery of tests before her marriage to make sure she was OK. "The doctor's report certainly has her concerned. It's far from clear how serious it all is. "She is truly afraid that this could mean she might not be able to give Brad a baby. They want a family so badly."

Just last year (99) Aniston's personal trainer KATHY KAEHLER quit because she said she could no longer watch her friend and client starve herself.


Source: WENN