Date: 11th November 2000

Darden Upset With OJ Court Case Drama

OJ SIMPSON prosecutor CHRISTOPHER DARDEN is furious at his portrayal in TV movie AMERICAN TRAGEDY, which follows the story of the former American football star's murder trial.

Darden refused to have anything to do with the drama, which airs in America on Sunday night (12NOV00), unlike Simpson's triumphant lawyer JOHNNIE COCHRANE - who acted as consultant to VING RHAMES, who plays the legal man.

Darden is annoyed with actor RUBEN SANTIAGO HUDSON's portrayal of himself, and he can understand why Simpson has been so keen to have the project axed. Darden says, "They depict me as being rabid about OJ Simpson and I think unfairly determined to convict him, and that's not true. "From OJ Simpson's perspective, this drama will only serve to solidify his public image as a double murderer."


Source: WENN