Date: 10th November 2000

Friends Not Friendly To British Star

Brit actress HELEN BAXENDALE had a hard time filming FRIENDS in America - because the cast were so unfriendly.

The beautiful brunette played DAVID SCHWIMMER's English bride EMILY in the hit comedy - but despite the high-profile role, Helen found it an uninspiring experience.

She says, "It was a surreal part of my life that I now cannot believe I ever did - a blip in my career. "I was alone on a totally different continent, ironically with no friends. I look back now and I say to myself, 'Bloody hell, what was that all about?' I'm glad I did it, and I'm proud in a way to have been part of television history, but I don't keep in touch with any of the cast and they don't contact me. "Friends had no relation whatsoever to my real life. I saw it as work, pure and simple." (NFA/WNTST)

Source: WENN