Date: 10th November 2000

Diaz's Struggles With Lover's No Sex Rule

Actress CAMERON DIAZ is considering rescheduling her wedding to lover JARED LETO, after initially calling off plans - because he went too far researching his role as a junkie.

Leto, on the advice of REQUIEM FOR A DREAM director DARREN ARONOFSKY, gave up sex while he filmed the tense druggie drama, shaved his head and almost starved himself to lose weight for the role. But Diaz decided the last straw was when he checked himself into a monastery in Portugal to recover his wits after making the arty movie - and didn't inform her.

The actress had secretly agreed to wed Leto on New Year's Eve (31DEC00) but called off all plans, furious and concerned. A pal says, "The film nearly destroyed their relationship. "Jared thought giving up sex was a good idea, because he thought denying himself physical pleasure would lend an air of authenticity to his role.

Cameron was really upset. "After the shoot, he was spent - he could barely function. Cameron was worried sick and feared Jared was losing his mind. "He seems to be back to his old self now." (KL/NE/RGS)

Source: WENN



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