Date: 15th November 2022

Greta Gerwig To Direct 2 'Chronicles Of Narnia' Films For Netflix.

Netflix picked up the rights to the Narnia series of novels back in 2018, and now they have their eyes on Barbie helmer Greta Gerwig to direct.

Gerwig is currently gaining a lot of attention as the director of Margot Robbie's Barbie movie, but undertaking a double feature in such an iconic franchise will be another massive challenge for the award winner. Although any movie adaptation of a well-known and much-loved novel series comes with a certain amount of pressure, certain books of the Narnia series have already been adapted multiple times, which will no doubt lead to the usual round of comparisons among fans of those other versions.

In 2018 the C.S. Lewis Company partnered up with Netflix in a multi-year deal to produce movies based on best-selling books.

A year later, the steaming service announced that Matthew Alrich has boarded the franchise as a "creative architect" to oversee all creative development.

"Chronicles of Narnia" is one of the biggest fantasy series of all time. Written by the aforementioned Lewis, ‘Narnia’ spans seven novels and tells the story of various children who venture into the world of Narnia, which is filled with talking animals, magic, and various other fantasy things. The novel series was turned into a feature film franchise back in 2005, with only three of the novels being fully adapted. Those films started strong with the 2005 ‘The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe,’ but the franchise began to falter fairly quickly by the time the third film, ‘The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ hit in 2010.

Gerwig has her name behind Little Women, Lady Bird, Mistress America, and Frances Ha. She has starred in and directed all of these movies.

Source: Press Release