Date: 9th November 2000

Depp and Paradis Movie Shelved

JOHNNY DEPP's movie with his girlfriend VANESSA PARADIS has been shelved halfway through filming - because the lead actor has a hernia.

The acting couple were thrilled to land parts in THE MAN WHO
KILLED DON QUIXOTE, which started filming in August (00) after a number of delays while director TERRY GILLIAM tried to raise the funds for the movie.

But the production, shooting in Madrid, Spain, before
transferring to Britain, ran into trouble - six weeks into the
production JEAN ROCHEFORT, the film's Don Quixote, was struck with a hernia and ordered to bed.

And now the producer admits the movie has been shelved. RENE CLEITMAN says, "If the project sees light again, it will
have a completely different face, artistically and financially.
We have been stricken just at the beginning of the project. We
have switched from production of a film to settling problems of a
sinister nature with the insurance companies.
"We are presently shutting down the production of the movie in

Source: WENN



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