Date: 8th November 2000

"Too Old" Daryl To Hang Up Her Tights

Gorgeous actress DARYL HANNAH has decided to quit acting - because she's too old.

Sixteen years after she first flipped her tail in SPLASH, the 39- year-old blonde has become a victim of Hollywood prejudice. The leggy star has decided she's sick of ageism, and can no longer get decent roles. She says, "I'm only going to act for a few more years. And that's not a silly, idle threat. My manager says they want someone 25, 22. That's the God's honest truth, every single time I hear, 'You're too old'. "Well, how old do they think I am? A hundred and eighty?"

The actress, who intends to focus on directing from now on, adds,"
I don't get offered great things. I always have to play objects of desire, the wife, the girlfriend." (NFA/WNTEX)

Source: WENN