Date: 8th November 2000

Anderson's Toilet Trouble

GILLIAN ANDERSON is so embarrassed about a toilet accident on the set of new movie THE HOUSE OF MIRTH she has decided to tell all -rather than read the unfortunate tale in gossip columns.

The X-FILES star was shooting the period drama in Glasgow, Scotland, when she had to dash to the toilet in her tiny trailer. Speaking on Monday's (06NOV00) TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO, the redheaded star recalled, "I had my corset and a hat on and this gown and I just had to go, so I'm sitting there with this dress everywhere in this small bathroom. "I'm done and I'm gathering myself together, and I start to get the strings for my corset - and they're heavy.

"I ended up wiping the walls and the ceiling. Meanwhile, they're yelling for me from the set. "It was terrible - but where can you tell that story and get it out of your system? You can't tell it to a new friend or at a dinner party." (KL/WNV/NFA)

Source: WENN