Date: 7th November 2000

Tracey's Got Class

British comic TRACEY ULLMAN prefers America to Britain - because she finds it easier to pass herself off as stylish.

The actress, seen as a wacky therapist in ALLY McBEAL, enjoys her time in her adopted country, because the class distinctions are so different. She says, "The class system in the States is based more on money and is very black and white. Here in England, it is evident once you open your mouth. "It is immediately identifiable. That's the two forms - aristocracy and celebrity. The whole cult of celebrity is so boring, but the snobbery is just as bad. You know, it's 'CAMERON DIAZ uses SUPER TAMPAX. Why don't you?' "Of course, here you can't grow up and marry PRINCE WILLIAM. There you can grow up and be President." (JE/WNE/NFA)

Source: WENN