Date: 31st August 2000

CBS Chief Utters A Banned Word On Stern Show

Appearing on Howard Stern's radio show Wednesday to discuss the success of Survivor, CBS president Les Moonves erupted with a verboten word that ordinarily would have been bleeped even from a Stern broadcast.

Angered by Stern's criticism of Bryant Gumbel's performance as host of the Survivor reunion show, Moonves remarked "bull****." Apparently reluctant to censor the chief of the CBS TV network, Stern's engineers let the word go out over the air. (The radio program is produced by a CBS subsidiary.)

Chided by Stern for his language, Moonves commented that he thought he could use the word on the radio. Later, CBS spokesman Chris Ender told the New York Daily News, "He slipped and he's sorry it happened."

Source: Studio Briefing