Date: 6th November 2000

Canadian T.V. Producers Nettled By U.S. Union Complaints

The threatened actors strike in the U.S. has resulted in boom times for production companies in Toronto and Vancouver, the Washington Post observed Sunday, noting that production revenue in Toronto rose 15.2 percent from the previous year to $352.8 million. The newspaper reported that Canadian producers are upset over the uproar over "runaway production" that U.S. union leaders have generated. Laird McMurray, president of special-effects house Laird Effects, told the newspaper that he has found himself being singled out for stealing work from Americans. "But we are stealing nothing," he told the Post. "People are showing up here with work and asking us to do it. I don't know how that is stealing. I don't know how that is runaway production if a producer has $3.5 million to make a movie of the week and he comes here and suddenly has $4.5 million."

Source: Studio Briefing