Date: 6th November 2000

Love Scene Embarrassed Director More Than Ben & Gwyn

BOUNCE writer/director DON ROOS was so embarrassed filming a sex scene he had to hide his eyes.

Being intimate came easy for former lovebirds, GWYNETH PALTROW and BEN AFFLECK, but the OPPOSITE OF SEX director felt like a voyeur. He laughs, "I was in a corner trying not to look because I thought it was impure, the whole thing!

They were so comfortable about it, Ben and Gwyneth, very relaxed. "
I definitely didn't want to do the kind of thing where you're filming some sort of sport activity. It's never happened to me in real life. It's not where they're on the kitchen table and knives are clattering to the floor and the phone gets knocked off! So we really wanted to do a love scene with faces and it's extremely intimate. And since I know both of them it's really hard for me to watch because I feel like I'm peeping!"

The star of SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE felt very natural kissing her former boyfriend. She explains, "
It was kind of easier in a way only because I've known him for a long time. We've been friends for a long time. We're comfortable with each other so it made it easier than if it's someone you don't know or you don't like. "Poor Don got his knickers in a real twist over this love scene and we're like, `Relax it's really not gonna be that big of a deal.' And it wasn't." (RXM/WN/PDD)

Source: WENN



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