Date: 31st August 2000

Sag Prexy Calls For Unity During Strike

The president of the Screen Actors Guild on Wednesday urged members to remain steadfast in their support of the 17-week-long strike against producers of TV commercials.

"I know many of you are tired, frustrated and looking for someone to blame," SAG president William Daniels said in a letter to the union's membership, "but remember, if we had accepted the offer of the advertisers, we would have forever eliminated the ability of actors to make a living shooting commercials."

Daniels warned against efforts by producers to induce members to break ranks. "The other side has always been counting on splintering our membership," he said. "Whatever personal differences we have with each other are insignificant compared to what we have at stake. This strike has always been a matter of survival of the Union and of the actor."

Negotiations between the union and the ad producers are set to resume on Sept. 13.

Source: Studio Briefing