Date: 5th November 2000

Jacko's Ex Is A Sad Loner

Pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON's lonely ex-wife DEBBIE ROWE has become a couch potato, who has piled on the pounds.

Shocking new photos of Rowe, the mother of Jackson's children PRINCE and PARIS, in American tabloid THE GLOBE show she has swelled in size and friends say she rarely leaves the $1.3 million (867,000) Beverly Hills, California home Jacko bought her before their split last year (99).

A pal says, "Debbie feels abandoned by the world. She looks deeply depressed and appears to regret agreeing to have Michael's children. "She spends much of her day sitting at home watching TV and eating snack foods with only her three dogs for company. "She used to love scuba-diving and motorcycling on weekends and going out to bars and restaurants with her pals. Now she prefers to hide from the world."


Source: WENN



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