Date: 4th November 2000

Mel: On Drugs?

MEL GIBSON watched Oscar-winning film BRAVEHEART for the first time in five years and asked himself, "Was I on drugs?".

The Australian star won best director and best film Oscars for the epic about Scots hero WILLIAM WALLACE - but he admits he saw it again on DVD and thinks it could be better. He says, "It was like 'Whoa' and some of the stuff was like 'What am I doing that for?' I was looking at it going, What was I thinking? I must've been on drugs. "You know there was stuff that would have been more effective and would have brought down the time."

Hunky Mel thinks the finished product had too many words and not enough action. But he could get another chance at it - he's thinking of putting out a special director's cut, featuring footage that was cut because it was too gory. Almost half an hour of the filmed material was taken out, including brains and intestines flying across the screen. He adds, "
It's pretty hard - like X-rated. "


Source: WENN