Date: 4th November 2000

Ben Insists Smoochy Gwyneth Pictures Mean Nothing

BEN AFFLECK and GWYNETH PALTROW admit they love each other - but insist, despite recent pictures of them canoodling in Paris, France, they're not a couple.

The pair, who co-star in the upcoming movie BOUNCE together, were photographed hugging and kissing in the capital of romance.

But Affleck insists there was no funny business going on. He says, "I was in England shooting PEARL HARBOUR and Gwyneth is over there doing POSSESSION. "I called her up and said, 'Let's go to Paris and you can show me around.' I saw all these French photographers hiding behind trees and stuff. "I just thought, either we're going to scurry back to the hotel, or just live our lives and not worry what people say. I do love her very much and care about her enormously. "But I hug a lot of people. Whether people believe me or not is up to them."


Source: WENN



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