Date: 31st August 2000

Jennifer Aniston's Rift With Mother Deepens

JENNIFER ANISTON'S mother NANCY is enraged she was not invited to her daughter's wedding to BRAD PITT - and she's threatening to disown her.

According to pals, while Aniston's father JOHN was walking
Jennifer down the aisle, Nancy was in seclusion shaking and
sobbing. And friends say her condition has worsened. An insider says, "I think she's close to a nervous collapse. She has almost daily migraines that leave her flat on her back and when she stands up she visibly trembles. "The whole world knows that Jennifer did not invite Nancy to her wedding."

One friend says Nancy has turned bitter from the incident, "
one fit of anger, she told me, 'That's it. I no longer have a daughter. I want nothing to do with her'.

And to make matters worse, friends say Nancy only found out
about the wedding by accident, "Nancy learned from a friend that Jennifer's brother JOHN's daughter had a appointment at a bridal shop. "When she asked him about it, he reluctantly admitted that his daughter, Nancy's only granddaughter, was going to be a flower girl."


Source: WENN