Date: 31st August 2000

Ellen Goes Icy On Ex

Hollywood’s ELLEN DeGENERES and ANNE HECHE proved their hot lesbian love is over when they gave each other the cold shoulder at their first public meeting since splitting.

Comedienne DeGeneres - accompanied by gay singer TRACY CHAPMAN - glared icily at the SIX DAYS AND SEVEN NIGHTS actress, who could only stare at the ground during the confrontation outside an exclusive Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, restaurant.

Heche - who ended her two-year relationship with actor STEVE MARTIN to be with Degeneres - was accompanied by a male friend. An eyewitness says, “DeGeneres did a double-take and then sneered at Heche. Her look was of pure ice. “Heche would not raise her head to gaze back at Ellen, but she must have said something to her friend, because a big smile broke out on his face. It was like a comic farce.

DeGeneres and Heche ended their three-and-a-half year relationship on August 16 (00), with friends claiming Heche wanted to go back to dating men.


Source: WENN



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