Date: 3rd November 2000

Baldwin's Halloween Hell

Actor ALEC BALDWIN has started to hate Halloween - because it
always means a mad dash around the supermarket to keep his
daughter IRELAND's school teachers happy.

THE GETAWAY star's forgetful nature means he's always left
struggling to cope with Halloween party demands. He says, "Ten days prior to the party, they go, 'Oh, Mr Baldwin would you go to the sign up sheet and sign up for some items you'll be bringing to the party,' and I'm sweating and running about dropping my kid at school and I sign 'Baldwin' next to the napkins, paper plates and whatever.

It completely goes out of my head the minute I leave and 10
days later I come to the school and the lady's like, 'Did you
bring the paper plates and napkins' and I have to race to the
supermarket. "I get to the counter out of breath and the woman behind the counter says, 'Did you forget items for the Halloween party? They're down in aisle 14,' so I run and get the items, race back to the school and scream 'I've got the napkins for the party,' like QUASIMODO." (KL/WNV/NFA)

Source: WENN