Date: 3rd November 2000

Roberts And Pitt Team Up Once More

Screen queen JULIA ROBERTS is set to continue her working relationship with BRAD PITT - by signing up for her third film with him in a row.

The gorgeous ERIN BROCKOVICH star is in negotiations to appear opposite Pitt in REPLAY, about a 43-year-old man who dies of a heart attack, only to wake up again as himself at college age.

As in BILL MURRAY's modern comedy classic GROUNDHOG DAY, Pitt's character must then correct the mistakes he made in life to avoid being killed and then reawakening on the same day over and over again. Roberts will play his love interest. Newly-married Pitt and the PRETTY WOMAN recently finished work on THE MEXICAN, and are scheduled to appear in the all-star OCEAN'S ELEVEN remake, which begins shooting next January (01).

No start date has been set for Replay, but director RICHARD LAGAVENESE's name has been mentioned to helm the project. (MCM/WNWCPO/NFA)

Source: WENN



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