Date: 3rd November 2000

O.J Simpson: Back In Court?

Disgraced O.J SIMPSON is being threatened with yet another legal case - after failing to pay the $33.5 (22.33) million he was ordered to hand over.

The controversial actor was acquitted for the vicious murders of ex-wife NICOLE BROWN and her lover RON GOLDMAN - but an American civil court found him "liable for their deaths", and ordered him to fork out the wad of cash.

And now Goldman's furious father FRED is out for revenge - he's teamed up with attorney PETER CSATO in an attempt to prove O.J. is hiding his money to avoid paying up. Goldman storms, "I know he bought a home in Florida for more than $600,000 (400,000). He has fraudulently conveyed income any number of times by having the money paid to someone else."

The grief-stricken dad can at least console himself that his enemy's relationship with beautiful CHRISTIE PRODY has ended. He says, "I'm just glad for Christie she's out of there. She just saved her life." (KW/NE/NFA)

Source: WENN