Date: 2nd November 2000

Angelina And Billy Bob's House Blues

BILLY BOB THORNTON and ANGELINA JOLIE's hopes of buying a $3.7 million (2.3 million) Beverly Hills dream home have mysteriously stalled - prompting fresh reports of a split.

But a spokesman for the Hollywood couple's real estate dealer insists they're just taking their time while Jolie completes filming on TOMB RAIDER in England.

He says, "If they were on the rocks, the house would be back as a listing - but it isn't." Furthermore, the couple have just signed up for an untitled made- for-TV movie in America, which Jolie will star in and Thornton will direct, once Tomb Raider has finished shooting next month (DEC00).

Meanwhile, the Brentwood, Los Angeles, home Thornton shared with former lover LAURA DERN has been sold. (KL/LAFR/CPT)

Source: WENN



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