Date: 2nd November 2000

Die Hard Star's Easy Money

Hollywood tough guy, BRUCE WILLIS, will pick up $22.5 million (15 million) for his next movie - for a supporting role.

The $4.5 million (3 million)-a-week deal is for five weeks' filming in the World War II thriller HART'S WAR is 15 times more than the $1.5 million (1 million) British leading man, COLIN FARRELL.

A source says, "Bruce's character isn't in the film a lot, though he's very important to the storyline. "So he's laughing all the way to the bank. It's not going to be a tough shoot where he's filming for months like the DIE HARD films. "This must be Hollywood's biggest-ever pay cheque, in relation to actual time on screen." (RGS/WNTST/PDD)

Source: WENN



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