Date: 1st November 2000

Drew Barrymore Makes Peace With Mother

DREW BARRYMORE has made peace with her mother for the first time in nine years.

The CHARLIE'S ANGELS beauty believes, at 25, she is finally able to be friends with JAID - the pair have suffered an estranged relationship for most of Barrymore's childhood. Barrymore says, "Since I was sixteen I've seen her three times, I've never spoken to her on the phone and have never been in exchange of a letter. "And it was like, 'I think I'm ready '. It was actually very pleasant and humorous."

Barrymore admits the one issue that was raised during the conversation was the fact Jaid had auctioned off Barrymore's childhood things on the internet last year (99), "
I said, 'Y'know I was really f**king f**ked up about that - what is the story?."(MB/RS/PDD)

Source: WENN