Date: 1st November 2000

Cuba Gooding Jr's Words Come Back At Him

OSCAR-winner CUBA GOODING JR's famous `Show me the money' line from JERRY MAGUIRE came back to haunt him on the set of World War Two epic PEARL HARBOR (corr).

One wise-cracking extra ruined the film's most sensitive scene - by yelling the line as Gooding Jr walked among the dead and injured. He recalls, "I was surrounded by about 1,200 men, 700 of them playing dead. There were explosions, so much smoke you could barely see, and we were being dive-bombed by Japanese fighter planes. "At one point there was a little lull in the action, and a voice from somewhere cut through all the noise, yelling, `Show me the money.' All the dead and dying extras totally broke up. I'm like, `Kill that guy.'" (KL/LADN/NFA)

Source: WENN