Date: 31st October 2000

British Cabler To Offer Cheap High-Speed Internet Access

A leading British cable TV provider is planning to slash the cost of high-speed (broadband) Internet access, the London Financial Mail reports. According to the newspaper, cable operator NTL has already begun local trials of the high-speed service, which it plans to offer to customers for as little as $7.50 per month. In a statement, NTL said. "We're looking to lead the broadband revolution and we're seriously positioned to lead the way." An unnamed industry insider told the newspaper, "It's going to shake up the whole market. Broadband is the future." Nevertheless, one analyst, James Ross of ABN Amro, expressed skepticism that the service could become profitable. "It's a question of whether it's economical to offer it at such a price."

Source: Studio Briefing