Date: 31st October 2000

The Frill Is Back

Chicago TV station WBBM-TV's nine-month experiment to present a critically praised, "no frills" late-night newscast came to an end Monday as the station announced the departure of anchor Carol Marin and said that it would return to a more "traditional" news format. Although supporters of the newscast had implored the station to be patient in the hopes that the newscast would eventually catch on, ratings for it had continued to decline. The experiment had been closely watched by the entire broadcasting industry. In a statement, Walt DeHaven, general manager of the CBS-owned station, said, "The response from the viewers told us the style was one they could not easily become accustomed to." In her own statement, Marin said, "I know that ratings are one measure of success. Fine work by excellent professionals is a truer measure."

Source: Studio Briefing