Date: 31st October 2000

Griffiths's Drug Mood Swings Drive Antonio Mad

MELANIE GRIFFITH is suffering severe mood swings after starting to take fertility drugs in a bid to present hubby ANTONIO BANDERAS with another child.

The temperamental 40-year-old WORKING GIRL star is reportedly driving her friends, and hunky Antonio mad, with her ever changing moods due to the effects of the powerful drug Clomid.

A source says, "Melanie is cranky and very emotional. She's taking high doses of Clomid and it takes her on an emotional rollercoaster ride. It has been difficult for her family and friends. "One minute she's as sweet as sugar and the next a virtual TAZMANIAN DEVIL.

Antonio is going through hell with her mood swings- but he gives her a lot of credit for going through all this pain just to have his child." Melanie has undergone fertility treatment after prolonged attempts to conceive naturally failed. (CPT/WNTRE)

Source: WENN



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