Date: 31st October 2000

Meg Branded A Bad Mother

MEG RYAN is devastated by the public criticism she has received since she started dating RUSSELL CROWE - especially about her mothering abilities.

According to pals, the PROOF OF LIFE star has received complaints from fans that she's a bad mother to her son JACK since she split from hubby DENNIS QUAID. A friend says, "Meg is distraught over the criticism she's been getting over her affair with Russell - and that some people feel she's a bad mother. "Some of her friends have more or less shunned her since news of the affair came out. One woman, a perfect stranger, walked up to her in the street and told her she should be ashamed of herself."

When asked for his opinion, psychologist DR ROBERT BUTTERWORTH said, "
She's not setting a good example by exposing her child to her affair. She's teaching the boy the wrong set of values." But estranged hubby Quaid argues, "Meg is a very good mother to Jack. She is loving, nurturing, attentive and has always been there for our son."


Source: WENN



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