Date: 30th October 2000

Gallo Rips Into Ricci

All-round celebrity and director VINCENT GALLO has lashed out at actress CHRISTINA RICCI and branded her and "ungrateful c***".

Gallo - who co-starred with Ricci in his 1998 directorial debut BUFFALO 66 - is explicit with his criticism of the pretty star. He says of working with the SLEEPY HOLLOW actress, "It was OK when she wasn't drunk on the set. I think she's an alcoholic - it was either that, or she was on cough syrup the whole time. "I don't like her. She's an ungrateful c***. But it was OK. She's basically a puppet. I told her what to do and she did it."

Gallo also snipes about Ricci's fluctuating weight during filming, saying, "
She lost 17 pounds (7.7 kilogrammes), and that was because I only let her eat one whole pizza pie every day."


Source: WENN