Date: 30th October 2000

Drew's Dad Is The "Nomad From Hell"

DREW BARRYMORE is coming to terms with the fact she'll never have a father, just a "trippy nomad" who drifts in and out of her life - and hospital.

The actress, 25, still wishes she could have a proper father-daughter relationship with her estranged father JOHN, but she has accepted that's never going to happen. She says, "He's a nomad from hell. Right now I think he's in hospital and then he will go off on his own again in a couple of weeks. "He's taught me things. I have moments with him that I cherish -he talks about `kicking the bag.' He says you carry things around with you like a bag and the bag gets heavier and heavier. "He says, `Don't you want to kick the bag sometimes?' I love that.

Overall, he's not my father - just a trippy interesting person I get to have beautiful interludes with." (KL/PL/PDD)

Source: WENN