Date: 30th October 2000

Charlies's Childish Angels

Hollywood actress CAMERON DIAZ says that each of the film's stars on CHARLIE'S ANGELS loved to be "childish" on set.

The THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY star says she enjoyed the "tangents of stupidity" she and co-stars LUCY LIU and DREW BARRYMORE delved into on the movie set - with the beauties even competing to make the most disgusting noises.

She says, "I love toilet humour - that's why I love the English sense of humour. "We just humoured ourselves during the making of the movie, being very sophomoric and immature and childish. "Me and Drew and Lucy would go off on these tangents of stupidity- we'd just be entertaining ourselves. We were always just making disgusting fart noises. We were trying to find out who could make the foulest noises." (RGS/WNWCAN/PDD)

Source: WENN



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