Date: 28th October 2000

Becks Pleads For Brooklyn's Privacy

POSH SPICE's husband DAVID BECKHAM is terrified that celebrity will affect his young son BROOKLYN's life.

The soccer ace told British chatshow king MICHAEL PARKINSON of his fears for Brooklyn's future - and admitted his and Posh's fame is not a good thing for the child.

He said, "He's probably never going to get a bit of privacy in his life. It'll probably change from being me and VICTORIA to Brooklyn's first girlfriend and his first outing to school, and his first car. "But we'll try to protect him as much as we can, as parents always do."

He added, "
It's upsetting when stories go in the paper about the kidnapping threats not being true, which to any parent, you don't make up stories like that. "It's unfortunate that people read this and a lot of people believe that."


Source: WENN