Date: 29th October 2000

Meg And Dennis Battle It Out

Hollywood couple MEG RYAN and DENNIS QUAID are locked in a bitter divorce battle after angry Quaid demanded no less than a $9 million (6 million) settlement and custody of their only son. The INNERSPACE star is also asking for a $3.5 million (2.3 million) one-off payment and $500,000 (337,000) a month for the next year.

Meg, who earns in excess of $15 million (10 million) a movie, has told lawyers she has no intention of meeting her husband's requests and is against the idea of a pay-off.

She is eager for the same type of deal awarded to recently- divorced couple BRUCE WILLIS and DEMI MOORE, where she would keep all cash and a share of property assets. Both sides had also originally signed legal papers agreeing to joint custody of eight-year-old son JACK, but are now each claiming sole custody.

A friend says, "Meg is going through absolute hell at the moment. All she does is talk about the situation, gets very upset and starts crying. She in a total mess over what to do." The SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE star has introduced Jack to new love RUSSELL CROWE, and is eager for the two to bond.


Source: WENN



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