Date: 27th October 2000

Lara Flynn Boyle's Underwear Stunner

Actress LARA FLYNN BOYLE stunned viewers on ROSIE O'DONNELL's American TV chat show - by sticking her hand down her bra.

The sexy star, who has just split from actor JACK NICHOLSON, 32 years her senior, had barely sat down with the talkshow host when she said to O'Donnell - an old pal from New York - her outfit was the same material as bra padding, before plunging her hand down her top and whipping hers out to prove her point.

Amid gasps from the studio audience, a startled O'Donnell shrieked at her, "Why are you wearing these?" and promptly inserted one into her own underwear.

Boyle, who confessed she often wears padded underwear, says the habit stems from childhood. She says, "When I was a little girl I used to swimming with my cousins and I'd stick toilet paper down my costume which, in retrospect, was not a good idea. "Soggy toilet paper - it's not good."


Source: WENN