Date: 26th October 2000

George Michael And Geri Halliwell: Dog Saviours

Pop pals GERI HALLIWELL and GEORGE MICHAEL have launched a secret pact to save unwanted dogs in London and Los Angeles.

The pop pair have become adoptive parents to scores of stray pooches - and they're taking turns in parenting duties. The animal lovers have adopted many lucky canines - and have even employed guardians to take care of their four-legged friends when they travel.

Halliwell, who famously adopted her beloved Shih-tzu HARRY after a visit to BATTERSEA DOGS' HOME in London, has even taken part in a photo-shoot with one of the strays for a new book, PETS AND THEIR CELEBRITIES, to be released in America next year (01).

Photographer CHRIS AMERUOSO (corr), who shot the candid snaps of Geri and her new pal, says, "I went round to George Michael's house in Los Angeles to take a picture of Geri and her dogs. "Both Geri and George have adopted loads of dogs together and whoever is in Los Angeles at any one time is the person who takes care of all their pooches. "Then when they are both away they have someone living at George's house full time so that the dogs will always have someone to take care of them. "Obviously the dogs can't go back to England at the moment because of the quarantine laws."


Source: WENN