Date: 26th October 2000

Lisa Kudrow Overworks Bleeper On New Film

FRIENDS actress LISA KUDROW got so carried away as her "sex kitten" character in her new film, that she swore to the point where much of the film had to be cut.

Kudrow, who's renowned for her nice, quirky character PHOEBE in the hit TV sit-com, will shock fans with her portrayal of foul- mouthed murderer CRYSTAL - just as she shocked the film's editors.

She says, "I think I got carried away at times, because I know they had to take away a lot of the bad language I added. "The politest way to describe Crystal is that she's a foul- mouthed sex kitten, which makes her about as far as one could get from the sweetness of Phoebe. "She is vile and outrageous. She has such a low opinion of everyone around her that she was a real treat to create."


Source: WENN