Date: 26th October 2000

Director Slams Hurley

Top British film director, MIKE FIGGIS has launched a vicious attack against actress ELIZABETH HURLEY for her disgraceful behaviour during the American SCREEN ACTORS' GUILD (SAG) strike.

The INTERNAL AFFAIRS director believes that Hurley - who crossed a picketline and by filmed an ESTEE LAUDER cosmetics advertisement - is "cheap" and doesn't deserve to ever work again.

And Figgis - who is rumoured to have split from his current girlfriend actress SAFFRON BARROWS - feels that the more public humilation she suffers the better. He says, "If she really wanted to do something classy, she would have given the fee from her ESTEE LAUDER gig immediately to SAG and said,'I'm sorry I made a mess.' "But to give them only $17,000 (11,220) is a disgrace and it's cheap - she's richer than that and she's obviously got no class at all."

Figgis - who last night picked (25OC00) up the picked up the FILM FOUR SPECIAL JURY PRIZE at the BRITISH INDEPENDENT FILMS AWARDS in London is adamant that he'd never hire the screen vixen for one of his movies.

He adds, "
I wouldn't want her to work on one of my films. I have my own gang of actors who command respect because of their talent and intelligence and those words don't come to mind when I think of Liz Hurley."


Source: WENN