Date: 25th October 2000

Who Put The R In The G-Rated Movie?

Technicolor Videocassette, based in Camarillo, CA, said Tuesday that it will continue to investigate how R-rated scenes from the 1999 film High Fidelity wound up in a special-edition DVD release of Disney's Toy Story. In a statement, the company said that it had not yet determined "the cause of the defect" or "the magnitude of the problem." Nevertheless, in a separate statement, Disney's Buena Vista Home Video, which distributes Disney product, said that it was "confident that the defective product has been isolated and removed from store shelves." Earlier reports had said that distribution of the DVDs had been limited to Costco stores. Costco exec Joe Basse told today's (Wednesday) Los Angeles Daily News that he has yet to receive an explanation for the foul-up. ""It's all part of the digital world, I guess," Basse said.

Source: Studio Briefing