Date: 25th October 2000

Mir Game Show Still Up In The Air

MirCorp, the Amsterdam-based company that wants to turn the Mir space station into a profitable enterprise, said on Tuesday that it will attempt to persuade Russian officials to reverse their decision to destroy the station in February. Electronic Media Tuesday quoted Jeffrey Manber, president of MirCorp as saying, "We have cash flow estimates next year of over $100 million. We've demonstrated to the Russian government that we have the capability to operate the space station profitably if we can get through this crisis now." Among MirCorp's customers is Survivor producer Mark Burnett, who announced a deal last month with NBC to create a Survivor-type series in which the winner would win a trip to the space station. Burnett has reportedly earmarked $20 million of his budget as a payment to MirCorp.

Source: Studio Briefing