Date: 25th October 2000

Liz Hurley: My Life Without Hugh Is A Mess

ELIZABETH HURLEY is enjoying life without HUGH GRANT - because she can be messy and skip dinner.

The BEDAZZLED star, who has lived alone since Grant moved out of their London house when they ended their 13-year relationship, says she misses him - but at least solitude gives her a chance to do what she wants.

Hurley says, "The best thing is you don't have to eat dinner, because boys refuse to skip dinner for some reason. "Girls will know if you're by yourself in a hotel room, you'll have a pretzel and get into bed with a glass of wine. Boys will always insist on eating. The thing about living alone is one can eat like an appalling student."

And it's not only her eating habits that have changed. Hurley admits the house has fallen into a state of permanent mess, without Grant there to keep her in order. She says, "
I can get crumbs in bed. Hugh hated crumbs in bed. I can eat anything I like in bed and, if I had a dog, I'd be sleeping in 10 inches of dog hair with nobody telling me off. "To me it's not bad, but I know I'm very untidy, in fact, horribly untidy.

My experience is that boys hit 30 and they get so anal with tidying up. "
Hugh's phenomenally tidy now and he wasn't when I met him. It's ludicrous, the tidiness." (LE/WNWC/JM)

Source: WENN



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