Date: 23rd October 2000

David Hasselhoff Sued For Battery And Assault

DAVID HASSELHOFF is being sued for assault and battery by the same surfer who took the actor to court for allegedly stealing the BAYWATCH series idea.

ANGELO RENO and his partner PETER DIXON received $200,000 (133,000) from Hasselhoff in 1996, but now Reno is filing another suit claiming the original settlement was fraudulent and caused him emotional distress. And he claims that people working for Hasselhoff came to his house and attacked him on behalf of the actor.

Reno says, "They cursed me, threatened me and spat in my face. I recognised them immediately as Baywatch people. 'You got a problem with a friend of mine,' they told me, 'and that means you got a big problem.'" Reno, who is a cancer survivor, continues, "I agreed to an unfair settlement under extreme pressure from everyone. They were all counting on me being so sick that I didn't care what I signed." (MB/TS/RGS)

Source: WENN