Date: 30th August 2000

The Perfect Storm Hits Legal Battle

Relatives of the doomed sea captain portrayed by GEORGE CLOONEY in THE PERFECT STORM are suing the makers of the hit movie.

They are claiming film company WARNER BROTHERS used their names and likenesses without permission, and falsely vilified the captain BILLY TYNE, played by Clooney, as reckless and maniacal, according to their lawyer NED MCLEOD.

The civil lawsuit, filed in the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT in Orlando, Florida, is asking for unspecified compensatory and punitive damages and an injunction against further distribution of the film and related merchandise.

The lawsuit, filed by Captain Tyne's ex-wife JODI, also requests a share of royalties from the film - which has already made $173 million (115 million) at the box office.

Sources at Warner Brothers say the movie is based on a well known historical event and they did not believe the law required them to obtain permission from Tyne or his ex-wife or children to portray him in it.

They add, "We most certainly disagree with the plaintiffs' claim that the film in any way disparaged Mr Tyne or tarnished his memory."


Source: WENN