Date: 22nd October 2000

Cox Seeks Therapy Over Kids Decision

LATEST: FRIENDS star COURTENEY COX and her husband, SCREAM star DAVID ARQUETTE are seeing a therapist to resolve their wrangles over children.

The couple - who married in June last year (99) are said to have been rowing for months over whether to start a family. Courteney, 35, had asked Friends producers whether they could write a pregnancy for her into the script. But she is said to have since changed her mind because she fears that becoming a mother might jeopardise her film career.

David told American talk show host HOWARD STERN, "The situation is confusing - that's why we are going to couples' therapy. Courtney adds, "It's not because our relationship is in trouble, it's because we want to keep out of trouble." A friend says, "They both realise that they will need a lot ofhelp to keep their love alive. "Because of David's wild past and their different thoughts about raising a family, they are doing absolutely the right thing in seeking help." (WV/WNSMI/RGS)

Source: WENN