Date: 21st October 2000

Meg Loves Her Proof Of Life Look

MEG RYAN took more than just a new beau away from the set of new movie PROOF OF LIFE - she also claimed a new pair of boots.

The actress met and fell in love with co-star RUSSELL CROWE on the set but she also fell for a pair of brown FRYE motorcycle boots. Ryan says, "I wear these with a shirt in the movie and it really works. I don't do the dainty-foot thing. I want gravity."

The actress is genuinely thrilled with her whole look in Proof Of Life - courtesy of costume expert RUTH MYERS. She adds, "My character, ALICE, is this woman who's lived all over the world, so Ruth put together these little T-shirts with sarongs and these chunky belts and cool African jewellery."


Source: WENN



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