Date: 17th June 2021

Kristen Wiig to Star in MGM's Film Adaptation of The Husbands.

Kristen Wiig is set to star in a film adaptation of "The Husbands", a feminist thriller based on a novel by "Whisper Network" author Chandler Baker.

MGM acquired the rights to the novel for Plan B to produce as part of their ongoing production pact with the studio, and Wiig is also set to produce the film adaptation.

The story follows an overworked mother who, while house-hunting in a nice suburban neighborhood, meets a group of high-powered women with enviably supportive husbands.

When she agrees to take on a legal case involving the untimely death of one resident's husband, she risks exposing not only the secrets in her own marriage, but the true secret to having it all, one worth killing for.

Wiig most recently starred in the comedy Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (2021), and she's currently writing a film about Cinderella's evil stepsisters for Disney along with her Bridesmaids (2011) partner Annie Mumolo. She'll also next appear in the "MacGruber 2" series for Peacock.

Plan B also has other projects with MGM including a film directed by Sarah Polley and starring Frances McDormand, as well as new films with Lee Isaac Chung, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Cory Finley.

Source: Press Release