Date: 21st October 2000

Lopez Casts Doubt Over Split

JENNIFER LOPEZ has cast doubt on reports she and lover SEAN "PUFFY" COMBS have split by announcing "Puffy I love you" on stage at this year's VH1 Fashion Awards (20OCT00).

Actress Lopez was presented with the VERSACE award at the glitzy ceremony in New York for capturing the spirit and style of the infamous fashion house after causing a stir when she wore DONATELLA VERSACE's revealing dress to music awards last year (00).

The Latino star was believed to have split with her rapper boyfriend after his publicist revealed last week (ends13OCT00) the couple had split because of Combs "playing around." And Lopez stunned the audience when she took to the stage to make her acceptance speech by thanking Combs for his support and telling him she loved him.

Lopez said, "I want to thank Puffy for all his love and support over the past year. I want to thank you for all your guidance. "Thank you and I love you and Donatella I want to thank you for the green dress."


Source: WENN